Friday, October 21, 2011

FREE CROCHET PATTERN - Cables and Stars Adult Scarf

designed and created by Janet Marie Marston-McGregor
posted on 10/21/2011

(For this scarf, I used Misti Baby Alpaca Yarn, 10 ply)

If you want a wider scarf, use multiples of 6

STS = Star Stitch (for first row of STS, pull up 6 loops, pull through all 6; then pull up loop in 1st stitch (the center of the STS, then on the next, which is the last of the STS you just made, you should have 3 loops on your hook, then pull up next 3 = 6, then pull through all 6 - if you don't understand, go to Janet's You Tube - from there, I have saved the demo from Crochet By Teresa - she has a hands on demo that's easy to follow - you can also go to my Ravelry Site, and search for free patterns on how to do this wonderful star stitch)


With size K hook, CH20 (should be 4-inches wide - use size J hook if needed to make gauge)

ROW 1 - HDC in 4th CH from hook; HDC across; CH2, turn

ROW 2-12 - FPDC around next HDC; BPDC around next; repeat across; HDC in last; CH2 turn

ROW 13 - HDC across; CH3 turn

ROW 14 - begin STS (pull up 6 on loop; YO; pull through; continue across (will have 7 STS per row); HDC in last; CH2 turn

ROW 15 - 2HDC in center of each STS; HDC in last stitch (7 sets of 2HDC); CH3 turn

repeat ROW 14-15 till desired length but leave 1/2 of last skein left; then do 1 row of HDC; then 12 rows of the simple cable; bind off

This is a great alternative to the standard fringe trim.

Please do not sell this pattern - you may use it (and sell what you make), share it, and link back to this site. Enjoy!

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