Monday, November 5, 2012

Big Red Afghan Blanket

finished 09/16/2012

HOLY MOLY!  This turned out much bigger and better than I thought it would.  I used a pattern called "Simple Times" - used larger hook and thicker yarn - by the time I finished it, it was big enough to go across my king-sized bed - this was a lot of detail, but easier than it looks - I originally planned for it to go on my sofa or recliner.  It is done in one piece - plan to make more in different colors.

Tulip Dishcloths (Pink, White, Green)

finished 09/02/2012

I created these using a vintage pattern - used pink/white/green to match my vintage dishes

turned out cute

Pineapple Fan Shawl-Wrap (Light Blue)

finished 09/05/2012

This Light Blue shawl turned out gorgeous - used an old vintage doily pattern, using larger hook and thicker yarn (might keep this one for myself)

Pineapple Fan Shawl-Wrap (Lavendar-Lilac)

finished 08/21/2012

I created this beautiful shawl-wrap using an old vintage doily/chair pattern - by using thicker yarn and larger hook, it becomes a beautiful shawl - this one is in lilac/lavendar (light purple)

It turned out so great that my friends and family want one for Christmas - started on those already.

White Crochet Pineapple Centerpiece-Table Topper (for kitchen table)

finished 09/01/2012

I created this large centerpiece/table topper using an old vintage pattern - but used much thicker yarn and larger hook - looks great on my kitchen table

Red Crochet Pineapple Table Topper

finished 10/06/2012

I created this table topper using an old vintage doily pattern - tweaked it by using thicker yarn and larger hook - looks great with my Fall Candy Dish!


designed and created by Janet Marie Marston-McGregor
posted on 11/05/2012

Please do not sell this pattern - you may sell what you make,
share the pattern and/or post back to this site.

Size 8 Needles (I used circulars)
Red and White Cotton Yarn (or 2 colors of your choice)
Crochet Hook Size H (optional)
Button (for the holder)

With Size 8 Needles, CO 30.
--KNIT first 3 rows in RED
--then, with WHITE, alternate KNIT one row, PEARL one row, KNITTING first 2 and last 2 stitches of every row for about 3-4 inches,
--**switch to RED, and KNIT every row till you have the desired ribbing - approx 5 rows if you want 3 ribs**,
--switch back to WHITE, and alternate KNIT/PEARL for about 10 inches,
--then switch back to RED and repeat**,
--then switch back to WHITE and alternate KNIT/PEARL for about 3-4 inches,
--then switch back to RED, KNIT the next 3 rows
--KNIT 2TOG at beginning and end of each row till you have 8 stitches left (this will be your holder).
--KNIT till piece measures at least 6 inches long, BIND OFF
--then, take yarn on CROCHET HOOK and CH 10, then attach to end of row - do SC across CH for 2 more rows, then fasten off (this will be your button hole - you can make this smaller for smaller buttons by decreasing the CH)
--attach button where you want it
--OPTIONAL - take Crochet hook and trim around towel with RED, using SC - FINISHED!

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